online thursdays tango classes
Every Thursday, all levels.
7:30pm - London
8:30pm - West Europe
3:30pm - Buenos Aires
Donation based!*
Name Your Own Price
Online weekly class: Thursdays via Zoom (1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • 5 min gettings
  • 1 hour class
  • 10 min round of questions/answers
Singles dancers and couples welcome.
You would need just 1 square meter at home.
Get a 5 min class summary to revisit what we did and practice at home when you like

Offline practice: 

 We are open to receive videos or questions from you while you do your homework, so we can provide feedback at no extra cost!

*We will be more than happy to have you among us, it is Donations based but if you can't donate, we invite you FREE OF CHARGE


tango integral studio london bridge.jpg
Every Wednesday, all levels.
(Covid measures taken - read more)
 7:00pm - Couples
 8:30pm - Singles
London Bridge
Book 4 classes in row and save 1 class (read more)
Classes are taking place in London Bridge at
The Artworks Classroom: 
60a Weston St, London SE1 3QJ

Class system as circulation around the room or teacher-attendant interaction will be explained in details during class.

Couples classes (£15 - 80 minutes)

They will run from 7 pm to 8:20 pm. Fixed couples, no partners exchange in class.

For a block of 4 consecutive classes, you decide when to start: then it counts a 4 in a row.

Max: 6 couples per class.

Single Classes (£13 - 60 minutes)

They will run from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. We will work on structure of movement, musicality and technique.

People booked for couples class are welcome as well the topic of the class will be different every week (+ reduced price if you take both on the same day).

For a block of 4 consecutive classes, you decide when to start: then it counts a 4 in a row.

Max: 10 people per class.

Payments & Cancelations:

As we are facing a challenging period, we had to make some adjustments to our usual pricing system. First of all, no drop-in allowed, booked only. Each class has an individual rate but by booking in block of 4 classes in a row you would be saving a class: take 4 lessons, pay 3. You can start the block of 4 lessons whenever fits you best, then it will run for 4 consecutive weeks, works as a monthly subscription.

I have classes left on my package, how does it work?

If you have classes left on your package, you would be able to use them as a part of the "in block" booking, not per individual bookings class. The 4 classes will be reduced from your package when you confirm the booking.

Cancelled from our side

If at any moment Tango Integral decides not to continue the classes, due to government guidelines or somehow it is  understood the "risk" of meeting in a classroom is high. The school will refund you with: the prorated amount in case of "in block" bookings and in full if booked per class.

Cancelled from your side

If you have booked but can't attend a class the school will analyse each particular case. The aim is to be as flexible as possible but we hope you understand that without your commitment, classes can not be run. Ideally, a replacement, person/couple can take your place in class, in that case, you will be fully refunded.


What about Covid-19 safety measures?

We want you to feel as safe as possible in our classes, although we all asume the risk of not staying at home and consciously meet in a studio with other people, we want to prevent any contagious in class. For that reason we have taken all the safety measures possible:

  • First of all we require from everyone, please be responsible and do not attend class if you feel unwell or experience any Covid symptoms. Stay home and lets us know so we can take the necessary actions.

  • Classroom will be sanitised before the 2 classes and fully ventilated between each class.

  • Hand Sanitiser: Before, during and after each class.

  • Masks: Entrance and leaving the studio but also during classes if you were asked.

  • Couple classes: Fix couples, not partner rotation.

  • Social Distancing: Limited the amount of people in class in order to guarantee the 2 meters social distancing advised. The studio has a max capacity of 60 people, they demanded classes must have a limit of 20 people, we decided to reduced that limit to 15, including teachers.

  • Ventilation: Wide windows in the studio, we will open between classes for 10 minutes but also time to time during class, we understand winter is coming and it might make the studio colder but we will find the right balance.

  • Temperature can be checked before class.

  • Permanent contact: As mentioned above, as soon as you experience some symptoms and/or are tested positive, you must let us know so we can communicate it with all your classmates.