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   We are a group of professional dancers, specialists of the body, from different artistic backgrounds, all sharing the study and teaching of Tango as a dance and expression of human connection. We approach the learning process from different perspectives assuming that we are as we dance and we dance as we are. By integrating a variety of approaches and methods, we explore this process in its maximum expression, understanding the diverse needs that each individual presents and providing tools that favour both individual and collective development.

tango connection
tango technique
tango structure movement
tango musicality

   From our teaching approach, there are 4 key aspects involved in the learning process:​

  • Technique

  • Connection

  • Structure of Movement

  • Musicality

  Each of these aspects plays a part individually but also involves the others: all 4 aspects are strongly connected. Each class is focused mainly on one particular aspects, but the work is alined involving all the rest. The focus is on 1 but work is on the 4: for instance, technical work favours a better connection and also helps to improve the structure of a movement.

   We understand technique as the individual corporal organisation that favours the biomechanics of the movement. Each movement has its musicality as it happens on a time lapse. The technical work allows us to coordinate the inner music of the movement and the contextual music; musicality. This means connection with the music we listen simultaneously with our partner. The technique should allow us to express our motive of Why do we dance tango? - Furthermore, technique allows us to be more confident on our range of movement.

   The structure of movement is the system, the dancing grammar. The steps would be the words, the elements the letters. Exercise technically the elements (letters) allows us to write clear words, those which will help to write clearer and unique sentences to communicate our dance. At the same time, those sentences have to fit on a musical structure, then is when structure of movement and musicality meet resulting a dancing expression well communicated.

   Last but not least, connection is our channel of communication, the better it is, the better we will understand each other. Dancing tango is having a conversation, swim in an ocean full of feelings and emotions. Each dancer has a lot to say and listen to in this chat. During this journey you will find deep conversations, ables to change our life. Some others will pass without being notice, no leaving any footprint, ignored by chance or choice.

Connection on a Structure of movement supported by its Technique expressing Musicality.


Bringing back the question: Why do we dance tango? Whatever we do while dancing, it must lead an expression and direction. A dance without a motive is like a building a house without foundations, eventually it will fall apart.

The school is based in Buenos Aires and London working collaboratively to enrich both sides of the Atlantic by the exchange of knowledge and experience. The ethos of Tango Integral and its classes are consistent in both locations, providing creative, informative and dynamic explorations in each meeting.

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