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iOS 13.0+

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Tango Integral App
Google Play
Argentine Tango mobile app

Android 8.0+


When Offline you will have access to:

  • Calendar: All our classes, practice & social events highlighted in our calendar.

  • Videos: With a very small monthly contribution, access to our all videos with the content we work on each class we deliver.

  • Packs: List of every available option to sign up as Student.

  • Map: Find us easily.

STUDENT Mode (Login)

When Online you will have access to:

       - List of classes attended with their videos, practice the class as many times as you want.
       - Keep track of your performance: your own growth statistics at Tango Integral.
       - Yours TIRewards points.
       - If you hold a package, follow how many classes are taken/left.
       - Student contact details.

How does it work?

First things first!

Go to Google Play, download the Tango Integral App and have access to all the GUEST mode functions

Argentine Tango mobile app

Sign up / Sing in

If you are a Tango integral student, request your details by email.


We will create your account, so you enjoy the full experience!

Tango App login



Search for our events on the calendar (on white when events are available).

Classes, Practicas, Milongas, Workshops and special activities

Select day, then the class you are interested and find out all the details.

Profile View


View a list of your attended classes and summary videos, perfecto to practice as many times as you want!


If you subscribe, you can  access to all our 'Videos' from main menu.

Student Details

Once logged in, follow your details!


Contact details; your TI Rewards, total classes attended and your package status.

Click on the buttons and find more.

Tango Integral App
Tango mobile app



Explore the list of the available packages, details and prices.

Find extra information about how our package system works.

Explore, choose and buy!

The bigger the pack, the cheaper per class and more time to spend it!


Update your personal details:

- Name

- Email

- Mobile number

Tango Integral mobile app
Tango Integral app
Tango Integral app
Argentine Tango app calendar
Argentine Tango app calendar


Track your progress! Accordingly to the classes you take, your stats will be updated on each specific topic.

Get all the gold medals!

Tango Integral App



It will easily show you where we are based and how to find us!

Tango app location
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