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With their beautiful vision, the Tango Integral dancers focus on the essence of tango, rather than its form. I love how they deconstruct the most subtle and interesting aspects of the dance, and structure their classes in a way that is equally valuable to both followers and leaders. The teachers are extremely generous with their feedback, and pay a lot of attention to what each student needs to understand, whether they are beginners or slightly more advanced dancers.

With each session, I have become more aware of my own movement, and of what I can do to express what I feel, through simple things. I can't wait to go to the next class, forget about everything else and learn to walk, with hugs, on music - what can be more fun?


Great Tango lessons! I have been dancing for a few months now and totally recommend Tango Integral if you would like to upscale your tango. Their innovative approach involves a mix of disciplines that will make your style much more fluid. Dani really pays attention to what you individually need to improve, so makes you feel like the class is tailor-made for you.


Having been briefly introduced to tango during holidays in Buenos Aires and subsequently, having tried to find the same feel, atmosphere and level of teaching in classes around London, I can confidently say that I have now found it in Tango Integral. Both Dani and Letitia, and their guest teachers as well, are very attentive, friendly and inspiring and I cannot recommend their classes enough. For a beginner, like myself, but for more advanced students, they can guide you to your tango steps in a fun, creative and playful way - so just go for it!


Great atmosphere and wonderful way of teaching. Dani is really passionate about tango and fully dedicated to making students progress in a deep manner. Classes are not just about learning new moves but about grasping and feeling the fundamentals behind Tango. Highly recommend it !!!


I have been learning with Daniel Gini for over a year now. I really like his approach to tango. He creates a great atmosphere and is always there to help. He does not keep any secrets to himself and every class feels like a workshop. Very different from any other Tango school in London.


The best teachers - I first came across Dani in Argentina a few years ago and was so excited when he moved to London. They really focus on strengthening your technique so that when it comes to more complex steps you have the basis to do them properly

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