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One of the most popular social tango events in London!!!

25th JUNE!

Workshop: by Natalia Fures & Gerónimo Dorkas

From 4:30 to 6 pm: Geometry of Movement

Milonga from 6:00 pm to 10:45 pm: Almost 5 Hours Full Dancing
DJ: Fabienne Ines

Bookings: Points of Tango APP

1 Blackfriars Bridge SE1 9UD London

Detailed Info:

NEW Venue!!
3D will have a stunning view to the Thames: dancing with the room full of light feeling like a daily milonga next to the river and the last hour with the night view of all lit buildings across the river. We promise, this is incredible. More space to dance and also space to DINE! (Read below, prices)

Bookings are OPEN!
Get your Tickets for milonga 3D at Points of Tango platform.
NO TICKET, NO ENTRY - Applies to everyone.

Important bits...
1 - If you were not able to download the app for any reason, there is a web view of it.

2 - For your comfort, your cars details are secured and not stored anywhere. Payments at Points of Tango are powered by Stripe, the most used gateway in Europe. Card details go straight to Stripe, the app doesn't interact with them and Stripe doesn't keep the details either.

Due to a strictly limited space (110, which might look enough) ALL TICKETS WILL BE SOLD ONLINE - THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR. We do not wish to turn people away at the door, we want to guarantee that if you get your ticket and come, you get in. The only way to guarantee this is by getting your ticket beforehand.

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